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While auto and homeowners insurance are the most discussed types of insurance, there are many assets and even some experiences that people insure. If you are investing thousands of dollars in something, then it might be a good idea to protect your investment with an insurance policy. At Brennan & Vlahakis Insurance, we can help you find boat/yacht insurance, travel insurance, and flood insurance.

Boat/Yacht Insurance

Boat/yacht insurance functions like auto insurance, but it’s designed for your boat or yacht. Like auto insurance, you can find policies that have:

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is unique, because it doesn’t protect an asset but rather an experience, usually a vacation. Some common coverage options found in travel insurance policies include:

As with all types insurance, specific coverage options vary. Before deciding which travel insurance policy to purchase, you should carefully review it with the assistance of a licensed insurance agent.

Compare Travel Insurance quotes below:

Flood Insurance

In Connecticut, homeowners aren’t required to have flood insurance except if their home is in a flood zone area. Homeowners insurance doesn’t protect against floods, but flood insurance lets you cover your home against this specific peril. To find out whether your homeowners policy excludes floods from its coverage, review its terms and conditions.

If you’re interested in learning more about boat/yacht insurance, travel insurance or flood insurance, call our independent insurance agents. Not only are we knowledgeable about these less-common types of insurance, but we're also able to get quotes from different insurers. We'll make sure you find the policy you need, and that it’s the best for your situation.

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